about this blog

why’d I write a blog?

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t the first man to drop out of college to work on his passion full-time, and Steve Jobs wasn’t the only person to start a business from scratch out of his garage. There are millions of fascinating ideas being executed by small teams of talented and ambitious people at this very moment. I decided to investigate and highlight these very people and businesses to gain inspiration. And that’s what I hope to share with you through Inspiration Through Innovation, a blog highlighting startups, founder stories, and other facets of entrepreneurship.

what else?

The first picture you see when you enter my website is symbolic of many things for me.

First, it was the second time I visited Tel Aviv, Israel, a place coined the “Start-Up Nation” (among many of its stereotypes). This visit was different from my first, I was going there to intern at an entrepreneurship center and have the opportunity to plan “shark tank style” events – it was unbelievable!

The red traffic light, in their custom and ours, means don’t go, STOP! Follow the rules! However, you can see I’m running in the middle of the street ignorantly dismissing the law. Many Entrepreneurs were told to stop, told they were crazy and would never make it, but they ignored the disbelievers. They ran in the middle of the street as fast as they could, hoping to see the vibrant sunset before dark came (another analogy on life).

Once you get there, it’s beautiful!

I’m talking about the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea. Or am I talking about the journey these entrepreneurs took starting their own business? Both actually.

This blog is about entrepreneurs, a good portion of which started in Israel. Another large chunk in Silicon Valley. And others in surprising places you would’ve never expected.

Read on to see what I’ve discovered. Run in the middle of the street with me!

…And lastly, if you’ve started a company, know of someone who has, or just have a suggested one in mind, please reach out!  jenkaplan181@gmail.com

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