a class on creativity & innovation

where it all began…

I say that like this is something special. Well, it is something special, to me. Most people don’t write blogs to please others, in fact, your lucky to have 2-3 loyal followers. I just like to write, and I like to write about this stuff. However, I’m the furthest thing from a writer (but we all have our side hobbies), I majored in Accounting….But, I also minored in Entrepreneurship. That meant that I got to take really cool classes, including my favorite class ever: Personal Creativity & Innovation.

Why am I telling you this? Because that’s why I started this blog!

I could tell you about all of the cool things we did in that class, but this isn’t a syllabus, so I’m just going to focus on one.


An obligation for Personal Creativity & Innovation was Create98. A 98-day long creative challenge where we had to pick something, anything, and work on it every single day, then post about it in our class Facebook group.

I chose to research startups and entrepreneurs, then highlight them.


Raised by an entrepreneur (my father), but not to forget a hardworking co-owner (my mother), I was inspired.

My dad is always happy, even when he’s stressed. He loves what he does, he knows his purpose and goals, and he gets to work on them every single day….not somebody else’s vision.

So, I wanted to be like him. I minored in entrepreneurship, and I even got to intern at an entrepreneurship center in Tel Aviv, Israel this past summer.

I came back and didn’t want to stop learning about startups. This entire world of innovators challenging the norm, creating the future, and committing their life to this passion was nothing short of captivating!

I wanted more inspiration, I wanted insights. I wondered, how could I do this?

then came create98

This was my answer.

So I began. I researched new startups and entrepreneurs every day for my project. This led to other facets of entrepreneurialism; accelerators, social enterprises, products, etc.

I wrote a ton.

However, I wanted to take it a step further and interview Entrepreneurs themselves, even visit a few workspaces. So I did that as well.

Then I thought, what’s the point of talking to these entrepreneurs and writing about these startups if I’m not sharing it with anyone? Isn’t that why social media exists so that we can share a world of knowledge and advice with each other?!

you’re welcome

Well, here you go. I’ll be slowly uploading my findings and continuing to find more. I hope my 2-3 readers enjoy!


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