Yummly, recipes customized to your liking

Health & Fitness

Back when posting about startups for my creativity class, I dedicated a week’s theme to health and fitness.

Not only do I enjoy eating healthy and working out, but OSU (my college) was recently ranked the fittest campus by Men’s Fitness, so I figured some of my readers might enjoy this one as well!

This is one of my favorites in particular. I say that because I wrote about it 50 days ago, and I still use it today.

I have always enjoyed eating healthy, but I was never a great cook. Making the same salads and oatmeal week after week was getting pretty dull and distasteful. That’s when I asked my sister for some advice on better recipes – she was once a Vegan and now eats Kosher, so I knew her input would be useful.

Annie directed me to Yummly and ever since then I’ve started to improve my “chef” skills while still eating nutritiously.



Coined the “google for food,” Yummly was founded in January 2009 in Palo Alto, California by David Feller and Vadim Geshel.

It’s an application and website that provides recipe recommendations based on users tastes, diets, allergies, nutrition preference, cuisine, ingredients (number and type), budget and more.

Then, the more you use Yummly, the app gets smarter and more personalized to your likings. When you like and dislike recipes, it recognizes this and recommends others based on your choice.

What else is genius about this app? You can create shopping lists based on your recipes. Then, if you choose to, you can get your groceries delivered within one hour!

Cooking healthy (or just cooking new recipes you’ll personally love) just got a whole lot easy with Yummly!



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