Zach Friedman, advice on adulthood & life…

“Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong… at first.” -Zach F.

This isn’t a full-length article, but rather a short story followed by a few words of advice from a very compelling individual.

Zach Friedman is the Director of Strategy & Innovation at Launch Labs, a startup out of Columbus, Ohio dedicated to developing and launching great ideas . (Their differentiation at Launch Labs is “when you need a founder, not a firm.”)


He also took the same creativity & innovation class at Ohio State University like I did with Artie Isaac. Zach was passionate about the class, and it structured much of his path ever since. In fact, after taking the class he created his own major: Creativity, Innovation, and Consumer Insights within the Fisher College of Business. He came back and spoke to future classes – I was lucky enough to be sitting in the audience.

What he got out of class the most was that “anything worth doing is worth doing wrong… at first.” 

Zach has a plethora of experiences in his seemingly charismatic and hardworking life. He spent some time working on an organic farm in Israel, attending silent meditation retreats, raw vegan cooking classes, Second City Improv classes, went on a 10-day backcountry split boarding trip  where he lived in the snow for the time, working as an analyst and consultant at Kalypso (an innovation consulting firm), and numerous other fascinating involvements.


So here’s some advice I’ve received from Zach – it might be worthwhile to you too:

  • ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP: “Entrepreneurship is a personality trait”
  • ON TEAMWORK: “Leverage partnerships” & “Grow the pie, don’t take a bigger piece of it.”
  • ON OUTLOOK: “What you don’t experience positively, you will experience negatively”
  • ON ADULTHOOD: This Is Water
    • …It’s disturbingly true at first, but keep watching…

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