Men’s Makeup, an Innovative Solution from Ben Milgrom

This post highlights an entrepreneur with intentions of solving a particular problem that many men struggle with, including himself. Overcoming the stigma that men can wear makeup too, Ben Milgrom founded Amend, a men’s skincare company.

  • Company: Amend
  • Founder: Ben Milgrom
  • Founded: May 2016
  • Location: Cleveland, OH


Let’s first get to know Ben.

An econ-savvy, ambitious, Clevelander with hopes of solving a major self-confidence problem and eliminating the stigma that men can wear makeup too.

In high school and throughout college, Ben suffered from acne himself. He tried different skin care lines, but nothing completely got rid of it; it was genetic. By the end of college, frustration was at an ultimate high, he thought “why can’t I cover up these zits?” He even tried women’s products, but then thought, “why is there nothing for men?”

Ben went on and graduated from Miami university where he studied business and economics. He spent 2.5 years in the workforce in consulting and amazon analytics until he decided it was time to find a solution to this question he’d been preoccupied with for so long.

He left his job in March and incorporated Amend by May of this past year.

In between, Ben started a dog walking business on the side to earn additional cash (…and because who doesn’t love dogs?!)

Throughout the process of making this skincare product, there were many trial and errors. Ben even tried creating it himself at first, but that didn’t turn out as planned. He eventually found a distributor, went through product testing and created this amazing video.

It wasn’t a smooth start, Ben said, “I ran in circles for the first 9 months.” However, when he tried the product out on some of his friends, it seemed to be a true confidence-booster.

As of now, Ben says, his “plan for the future is rock solid.”

Feeling Inspired yet? Here’s some advice from the founder himself:

Advice for someone looking to start a company themselves: Just do it, [he said, but] really think about all of your options, think about how you want to structure your business, research, etc.

Biggest Struggle: Research & finding the right companies to partner with

Greatest Achievement: Meeting my Kickstarter campaign goal

Greatest lesson learned: The importance of being disciplined & [when reaching out to people,] you have to take charge… don’t be afraid of asking people for things.

What gets you up in the morning: The thoughts of success.

Weirdest thing about you: I’m an econ nerd. I make many decisions based on the game theory model.

What do you want to be remembered by: As someone who made a difference and was able to help people.

Whether going on a date, to an interview or just meeting a new person, Amend is there to offer the confidence you need to succeed. To learn more about this product, visit their website or Facebook.

I hope this short story on Ben brought some inspiration into your life. Comment below with thoughts, questions, or whatever else comes to mind – we’re here to help!

These articles are a tool for your personal success – together we can achieve greatness. Let me know what else you’d like to learn about in the innovation space by submitting a comment HERE.

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