Men’s Makeup, an Innovative Solution from Ben Milgrom

This post highlights an entrepreneur with intentions of solving a particular problem that many men struggle with, including himself. Overcoming the stigma that men can wear makeup too, Ben Milgrom founded Amend, a men’s skincare company.

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A Lesson on Mindset: Meet the Founders of One948

About a year and a half ago Brian ran into a family friend, Matt, at a Bachelor party. Brian was wearing a shirt with a pocket on it shaped like the state of Ohio. Matt said, “wouldn’t it be cool if that pocket was in the shape of Israel?” A few weeks after, the two met to discuss the creation of this idea. Several meetings later, this sole idea morphed into an entire clothing company known as One948.

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Ryan Vesler, the story behind HOMAGE

“I always felt entrepreneurial…and knew that I would start a company one day” -Ryan Vesler

Ryan went to the Columbus Academy for high school. Afterward, he attended Ohio University where he majored in Spanish. During his time in college, he shopped at thrift stores and sold clothing items he found (mainly tees) on eBay. After graduation, Ryan wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, so he decided to travel around Costa Rica for a few months to see the world and possibly find some inspiration. There he continued his thrifting for vintage clothing and online selling. When he returned to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, he moved back in with his parents and started a clothing company out of his basement – you might’ve heard the name before: HOMAGE.

…The rest of this article is about a young entrepreneur telling a story through every shirt he creates and sells.

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Jerry Tsai & Acceptd, Life Mantras & Execution Tactics

From his intense involvement in college to his life mantra of helping others succeed, Jerry has truly made an impact on the world, and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Empowering others is second nature to him, from joining Teach For America after graduation to non-hesitantly taking on the role as VP of his two childhood friends’ startup, Acceptd, during their initial year, Jerry has proven just this. “It comes down to execution,” he advised me during our interview. Keep reading to learn all that Jerry, and Acceptd, have accomplished since their beginnings!

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Kelsey Langdale, a solution to the global water crisis

Between her studies in college related to people and business, her previous work experience, and her sincere concern for helping others, it just made sense that Kelsey would end up being the founder and director of Marketing and Communication at PackH2O. Keep reading to learn how she became a leader in the social entrepreneurship world at just 22-years-old.

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Chad Reynolds, a Serial Entrepreneur & Pioneer in CoCreation

“I didn’t wake up and want to be a designer one day, I wanted to be an entrepreneur.” -Chad

Since his childhood, Chad has acted on this vision. He sketched portraits of people and charged them quarters for it. To do this he would go around with a sketchbook, using the front pages for his drawings and the back pages to keep track of his earnings. This concept of “creating something, hustling, and selling it to people,” formed a pattern in his adult life as a founder of 3 companies. With this in mind, every company that Chad created has been a stepping stone to a higher understanding of problems he wants to solve in the world.

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